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SWF Protector is a highly reliable encryption solution
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SWF Protector is an efficient tool to lock up your SWF Flash videos, using flexible encryption solutions. Once protected, the SWF file can still be played and enjoyed by any user, but no one will be able to decompile it and make use of your creativity without your permission. In the simple mode, the program can batch-protect any number of files, while in the advanced mode you can personalize each encryption job according to your preferences.

SWF Protector cleverly combines both modes, allowing for both a quick and easy file protection, and a more refined encryption job that will protect each component of your Flash file down to the code block level (both standard and user). The automatic protection provided by the simple mode uses both Mark script and Mix script methods. Each has its advantages, dealing mainly with the size of the resulting file and the way the source code is encrypted.

For those who need to apply a specific type of encryption, or wish to select which components to protect more and which to leave open, the advanced mode is their obvious choice. Here, the level of protection you can apply will also depend on the ActionScript version of your file. You will be presented with a hierarchical view of all the code blocks in your file, and you can select how aggressive you want the Mix script to be applied on a block-by-block basis. If you are lucky enough to have a file with ActionScript 3.0, you can add deeper levels of protection – “obfuscate” and “protect”. The former will protect your file in a way that, even when decompiled, makes new compilations impossible. The latter will prevent your file from being decompiled at all, even though it will still play seamlessly.

SWF Protector is serious stuff. It takes its “mission” very seriously, and the results certainly match their promises.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Intuitive, well-structured interface
  • Fast encryption process
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